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Community Habitats

Make an Impact for Wildlife by Certifying your Community:
Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods and Counties.

Set yourself apart from other communities and get nationally recognized by America’s largest conservation-education organization by becoming a Certified Community Wildlife Habitat. 

Community Wildlife Habitat™, a national recognition program for neighborhoods, towns, cities, and counties, recognizes and celebrates community-wide efforts to green landscapes and buildings, improves air and water quality, restores vital wildlife habitat and improves the health and well-being of inhabitantsone property at a time.

Communities register to participate and take actionable steps to make a difference for wildlife and the environment.  These actions are important for today but also impact future generations of citizens that will live, work and play in your community. 

What type community project best fits your community?

NEIGHBORHOOD Neighborhood or Homeowner's association

COMMUNITY Small hamlets, major cities and anything in between

COUNTY Not defined by a certain population but by its designation as a county


Benefits of Community Certification

  • Raise your community profile as a greener community for residents, businesses and organizations seeking a new place to locate.
  • Improve the health of your community. Take actionable steps to improve water and air quality. Reduce use of chemicals and pesticides. Reduce heat island impacts by adding more native green spaces through creating wildlife habitat corridors throughout your community.
  • Build community pride by engaging community members working together to create habitats.
  • And much more… 


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Interested? Tell us a little more about your community. A NWF staff member will be in contact with you within 5 business days.

Community Certification Steps
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