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American Beauties Native Plants

American Beauties

Ever find yourself standing in the middle of your local nursery or garden shop wondering what tree or flower will be the best fit for your yard? Take the guesswork out of native plant gardening with American Beauties Native Plants®.

The National Wildlife Federation has partnered with North Creek Nurseries and Prides Corner Farms to offer a line of approximately 130 varieties of native plants and their cultivars--including trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses and vines.

American Beauties Native Plants® are available in garden centers in New England, the Mid-Atlantic region and the Midwest and come in distinctively branded pots that include fact-filled tags and instructive handouts about native plant gardening.

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By purchasing American Beauties Native Plants® you not only help wildlife by adding to their native ecosystem, but your puchase also helps support the National Wildlife Federation.

American Beauties Landscape Plans

American Beauties offers four distinct theme gardens that attract beneficial wildlife and contain plants which grow well in varying conditions:

  • Bird Garden: The plants in this collection provide seeds, berries, nesting places and cover for all kinds of songbirds. Plus, there are lots of plants in this collection that provide interest four seasons of the year.

  • Butterfly Garden: These colorful plants provide nectar and pollen spring, summer and fall for a parade of butterflies and other pollinators. If you like flowers and have a sunny location, you will be delighted with this collection of plants.

  • Dry Shade Garden: Dry, shady conditions are a challenge for the most accomplished gardeners. This collection of tough, drought resistant native plants thrives in those conditions while providing great cover for all kinds of woodland creatures.

  • Moist Sun Garden: Turn that troublesome low area with wet soil into a garden filed with colorful plants that hang tough in the hot sun. Frogs, dragonflies, birds and other critters will love the food and cover this collection provides.

"Native plants are where it's at for anyone who wants to garden naturally," says NWF naturalist Dave Mizejewski. "They attract birds and butterflies and are adapted to your regional weather and soils so they require less maintenance. American Beauties Native Plants are a great way to create a wildlife-friendly garden and get it certified with National Wildlife Federation."


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