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Attracting Wildlife With Native Plants

Native plants are an important addition to any wildlife garden. They are well adapted to survive in a particular geographic area according to the climate, soils, rainfall and availability of pollinators and seed dispersers.

Because they are indigenous to a specific region, native plants usually require less maintenance and are welcomed by wildlife, serving an important role in the local ecosystem.

Using non-native or exotic plants can sometimes cause serious problems for an ecosystem if the selected species spread aggressively and are not managed. These so-called "invasives" can outcompete native species for habitat and food, changing the landscape of an area forever.

What's Native to Your Area?

American Beauties Native Plants® - To help make shopping for native plants easier, NWF has partnered with garden centers in select locations across the United States to carry a special line of American Beauties Native Plants. Look for retailers in your area and check out our four ready-to-plant landscape plans.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center's Native Plant Information Network - This site allows you to search for native plant information by traits or names.

Top 10 Native Plants by Region

There are hundreds of plants native to the many different ecoregions of the United States, which might make it hard to know where to start when it comes to deciding what plants might work in your yard. To help, we've put together the top 10 common native plants by region.


Note: We have not provided a native plant list for Hawaii because the plant diversity changes from island to island.

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