Electronics Recycling FAQ

1. What types of items does Access Recycling accept?

  • Laser printer cartridges
  • Fax cartridges
  • Copier cartridges
  • Inkjet cartridges
  • Cell phones
  • Laptops
  • 60 or more desktop computers and accessories

2. What if I just have one phone I want to recycle?
Please email nwf@accessrecycling.com or call 1-866-277-1177 and provide your address so that we may send you the postage paid recycling bag to mail in your recyclable phone. You can put up to three small-size cell phones in one bag. We also accept accessories and batteries.

3. What should I do with extremely outdated phones, accessories and laptops that are no longer operational?
Because many of these items contain materials that are harmful to the environment, therefore, we will still accept them for recycling even though they may have no value.

4. How do I pack and ship cell phones and laptops with cartridges?

  • Find a large shipping box. Pack box with 10-30 pounds of product. For example, this will be approximately 10-25 cell phones and PDAs, 4-6 laptops.
  • To avoid damage during shipping, use bubble wrap or newspaper and pack all items tightly in the box.
  • Laser cartridges may be left in their original boxes.
  • Cell phones, inkjets, and PDAs should be packaged together in a plastic bag before being placed in the shipping box. Please include all cell phone accessories and batteries.
  • Laptops should be wrapped with bubble wrap or multiple layers of newspaper and placed in a plastic bag. Please include power cords with laptops.
  • Once a shipment is ready, affix one of the pre-paid FedEx labels to each box being shipped (only original labels are accepted).
  • Call FedEx at 1-888-777-6040 and let them know you would like to schedule a "PRP Return Manager Pickup." Please provide them with account number 0253877.
  • For your records, write down the tracking number to track your shipment.

5. What happens to cartridges, phones and laptops after we ship them to you?
Empty cartridges are re-manufactured. Phones and laptops are refurbished or recycled. Desktop computers are broken down and sent to various component recyclers. To earn maximum value, these items should be sent as soon as possible for recycling.

6. How do I get more pre-paid FedEx labels?
Email nwf@accessrecycling.com or call 1-866-277-1177.

7. How does Access Recycling keep track of a shipment?
We get all relevant information off of the pre-printed FedEx label.

8. How do I keep track of a shipment?
With your FedEx tracking number. This number can be found on your pre-paid FedEx label. Each label has a unique 8-digit tracking number located on the far right under the barcode. Immediately write these tracking numbers down for your records. You may also track your shipments at www.fedex.com by using this number.

9. Do you provide shipping boxes?
Because we are a recycling company, we ask that you use boxes that have already been used. Other sources to look for boxes are computer stores, office supply stores, discount stores, grocery stores, etc. We recycle all boxes that are shipped to us.


Contact us at 1-866-277-1177 or email nwf@accessrecycling.com for further questions.

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