Fun Paper Recycling Project

Fun Paper Recycling Projects



Make paper  - Making recycled paper is more of a labor of love and a learning experience than a great way to recycle bulk quantities paper. It can be time consuming to collect paper fiber and prepare the paper. But it can be a lot of fun and a form of art.





Make wrapping paper - You can make stamps out of vegetables or old sponges. The bottom of celery makes a beautiful rose. Potates work well in that they are easy to cut and spongey. Apples make nice hearts. To reduce mess while using the sponges, tape them on to small jars such as jam or baby food jars.





Make paper beads - Cut long triangular shapes from old magazines. Put a think layer of white glue on one side of the paper strips. Wrap them around a very thin dowel, starting with the wide end of the triangle. Keep rolling the strip all the way to the end. You'll have a multi-colored bead. Let the beads dry and once completely dry, wiggle them off the dowel. For more durability, varnish them.




Twirl Flake 

Paper Twirling  - By twirling small strips of paper, you can create awesome gift tags, ornaments and cards. Watch your family and friends start twirling in delight when they see your paper twirls!

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