Fundraise for National Wildlife Federation

kids CBGInterested in fundraising for National Wildlife Federation to help support our work protecting wildlife and connecting kids to nature? Check out a few options below and make sure to share your fundraising project with us by emailing friends [at] nwf [dot] org or letting us know via Facebook or Twitter.

Create a Birthday or Event Cause

Looking for an alternative to receiving gifts from friends? You can use a site like to set up a page and redirect your friends to give to National Wildlife Federation or another charity of your choice instead.

>> Start a wish for National Wildlife Federation

Social Fundraising Sites

NWF is grateful to the many people who use social fundraising sites to set up campaigns and pages for us.

Here are a few of our pages. Let us know what other sites you may be using!

Camp for Wildlife!

Great American Backyard Campout LogoEvery year, we encourage families to take a night to camp out in their backyard as part of NWF’s Great American Backyard Campout. Now, campers can go one step further and fundraise to help wildlife and NWF’s mission.

>> Sign up to camp today and learn more about fundraising for NWF

girl and luna mothFundraising with Hike & Seek Events

NWF is hosting Hike & Seek events across the country designed to reconnect kids with the outdoors. Registration fees and fundraising efforts go toward helping NWF’s mission.

>> Find out more about Hike & Seek

I Have My Own Fundraising Idea – What Should I Do?

Don’t be limited by these websites or ideas – we are constantly surprised by people finding new ways to support us, from the kids who set up lemonade stands and bake sales after the BP oil disaster, to people who have donated artwork and other services to help NWF’s mission. Whatever you’re interested in doing, let us know by emailing friends [at] nwf [dot] org or connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter.