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These Frequently Asked Questions are designed to help you find a quick answer to your question. If you don't find an answer here, please contact us via email at

We will handle all support requests as soon as we can, but please note that it may take more than 24 hours for us to send you a reply. Support staff does not have information about release dates or new versions.


Having Trouble with your Tree House App?

I purchased the app and hit "Install." But where did it download to?

Ranger Rick's Tree House is a Newsstand application. That means it shows up in the "Newsstand" folder on your iPad. To find the Newsstand, go to your iPad's home screen and look for the wooden bookshelf icon labeled "Newsstand." When you open it, Ranger Rick's Tree House should appear inside.

Why don't I see any issues inside the Newsstand?

Please make sure your iPad is connected to the Internet in order to download the list of issues. You will also need to be online to download an issue. Each issue is around 100 MB in size, so downloading may take up to 30 minutes with a high-speed connection. 

I think I was charged twice for my app. What's going on?

Don't worry! Apple will never charge you twice for the same purchase. (Purchasing is handled by Apple, not by NWF.) If you think you have purchased a single issue or a subscription to Ranger Rick's Tree House, but the content has not downloaded, first check that you received an emailed receipt from Apple. If you did not receive a receipt, the purchase did not go through. If you do have a receipt but no content, please go to the Menu screen (this is the blue opening screen) in Ranger Rick's Tree House. Tap the FAQ button, then tap "Restore Purchases."

I bought a subscription to the Tree House. Why haven't I been charged for it?

If you bought a subscription to the Tree House and are still in your free trial period, you won't see the purchase show up on your credit card statement. Once the trial period is over, you will be charged for the subscription.

I paid for and downloaded Ranger Rick's Tree House. But when I opened the app, the Tree House didn't have any articles or games inside. How can I fix this?

This bug has been fixed in a newer version of the app. If you ever open Tree House and find that it is empty, please click the trash can icon on the blue menu screen to delete the issue. Once the issue is deleted, the "Download" button will appear on the menu screen. Tap "Download" and get the new version of the app.

I downloaded Ranger Rick's Tree House and opened it. Everything looked good, but when I started to play with it, nothing worked. What should I do?

Tap the trash can icon on the blue menu screen to delete the issue. Then tap the download button, when it appears. You should get a workable version.

What do I get with my annual subscription to Tree House?

Five unique issues are delivered per year, along with monthly Bonus Updates that contain new interactive articles, games and puzzles.

What do I get with a single-issue purchase?

Single issues include interactive articles, games, and puzzles, plus two Bonus Updates.

What is the Newsstand, and why is Ranger Rick's Tree House located there?

Apple's Newsstand is a built-in application for the iPhone and iPad that is used to download magazines and newspapers. Ranger Rick's Tree House is a hybrid app-magazine. Since it is available by subscription, it belongs in the Newsstand. That way, subscribers can receive monthly bonus content and regular updates.

Can I use Ranger Rick's Tree House on any iPad?

Ranger Rick's Tree House requires iOS 5.1 or later.

Where can I find more information on apps developed by the National Wildlife Federation?

You can find information on all our apps by visiting or by visiting the App Store section of iTunes.


General Troubleshooting for All iPad Apps

My app has frozen. What can I do?

Reset your iPad by holding down the sleep/wake button and the home button together for 10 seconds. This will usually unfreeze the app. 

The sound on my app does not work. What can I do?

  • Make sure your device's sound is on.
  • Make sure that the game's sound has not been muted.
  • If these suggestions don't fix the problem, try resetting your iPad (see above).
  • Finally, update to the latest version of the game if an update is available.

The following two images show a way to fix the sound on your iPad:

One way to fix the sound on your mobile device   One way to fix the sound on your mobile device

All of my previously completed levels and scores are gone. What can be done?

The saved files inside NWF Kids Apps are lost if the game is removed or, in some rare cases, if something has gone wrong during an update. If you have an iTunes backup of the game available, restore that to get your lost progress back.

My app doesn't launch anymore. What can be done?

Removing and re-installing the game should fix the problem. Please note that you will lose your game progress and scores when you do this. If you have a backup of the game available, you can restore that with iTunes.

I have additional issues not listed here. What should I do?

Please visit the App Store Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you are still having difficulty, please email and we will do our best to help you. 

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February 2015


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