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Under 7, 7 to 12
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1 to 60 minutes
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Play the Mystery Bag Nature Game
Gather nature objects, put them in a bag, and have a friend guess what they are without looking.
  • Bag - any type, but must not be transparent - fabric works best
  • Nature objects
  • Snacks (optional)
  • Small toys (optional)
Step 1
Send at least one person to look for nature objects

Send people in groups of two or more so no one gets lost, and small children should be with an adult.

Here are hints for a successful game:


  • Unusual shape 
  • Variety of shapes


  • Make sure the objects are not slimy or muddy - dirty is fine! 
  • Make sure items fit in the bag
  • Don't pick living things
  • Make sure the items are not sharp
  • Don't put in trash
  • Be careful not to put poison ivy or poison oak

Have them put the objects in the bag.

Step 2
Once enough nature items have been gathered, take turns guessing

Reach into the bag and guess what the item is without pulling it out.

Examples of nature objects might be:

  • acorns, chestnuts (it makes it tricky to guess when they are still attached to the twig)
  • insect galls (made by wasps - look like a ball of bark)
  • fallen leaves - can you identify what type of tree they came from?
  • pine cones
  • pine needles
  • pebbles (can you identify what type of rock?)
  • crabapples
  • cattails
  • milkweed pods


Step 3
Take turns gathering and guessing
And parents might supplement nature items with snacks (in packages) or small toys, just to add some surprises!
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