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Observe Tree Buds
Learn all about trees by watching their buds grow.
  • Camera
  • Notebook
  • Ribbon
  • Tree with buds
Step 1
Find a tree.
Find a tree with fat buds on the ends of its branches. Flowering trees like the dogwood are nice, but any tree or bush will do.
Step 2
Pick a bud.
Tie a piece of ribbon around the twig so you can tell your bud from all the others on the tree.
Step 3
Take a picture.
Take a photo of your bud and note the date you took it.
Step 4
Watch it grow.
Go back to check up on your bud every month or so to see how it's doing. Take a photo of it each time, and make notes about any changes you see. (If a squirrel or other animal eats your bud, pick another just like it and keep on going.)
Step 5
Record its progress.
Your bud may turn into a flower, like the dogwood. Or it may become leaves. Either way, keep recording the action all the way till the end of fall.
Step 6
Keep watching.
If your bud was a flower, you'll see fruit or nuts starting to form after the flower fades. If it was a leaf bud, keep watching as the leaves grow, change color, and then drop off.
Step 7
Make a notebook.
Put all your photos and notes into a notebook. Give it a title like, "A Year in the Life of My Good Bud."
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