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For years Baltimore has been known as Birdland and now we can make it official. Our city plans to B’More Wild by becoming certified as an NWF Community Wildlife Habitat® — the largest along the Chesapeake Bay.

Baltimore is committed to greening up our streets, backyards, schools, businesses and places of worship in a way that’s wildlife friendly.

How Baltimore Benefits

  • BEAUTIFICATION Wildlife friends make our days a bit brighter, and the native plants, trees and bushes we use to attract them also make our neighborhoods more beautiful.

  • COMMUNITY Creating inviting urban green spaces brings neighbors together to tackle community projects. Plus, these outdoor havens encourage people to be outside, promoting even more contact among neighbors. Did you know some studies even have shown that greening neighborhoods may be associated with lower crime rates?

  • CONSERVATION The Community Wildlife Habitat® program opens the door for discussions about sustainable gardening practices designed to increase native plantings, conserve water and eliminate pesticide use. It also provides a platform for our city to address important challenges like stormwater pollution, pollinator decline and invasive species.

  • HEALTH Any time you green up a city for wildlife, you have the potential to improve both air and water quality. The more native plantings are used to attract wildlife, the greater potential we have of reaching the city’s Healthy Harbor goals and helping to clean the Chesapeake Bay.

You’re the Key—Help Make it Happen


Certify Your Backyard

It all starts at home. Certify your backyard and then enjoy the show the birds and butterflies provide, as well as the beauty native plants, trees and shrubs offer. If you’ve got children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, you’ll be amazed by the looks of wonder you’ll see when your yard comes to life.

Don’t forget to get your neighbors involved, too. One yard certified is great, but it’s even better when several adjacent yards provide the resources wildlife need. Many species need areas larger than a single lot can provide. Certify Your Yard>>

Certify Your School

All schools, from preschools to high schools, benefit from becoming a certified wildlife habitat. These wildlife habitats become outdoor classrooms where students learn about wildlife species and ecosystems, while unleashing their curiosity and creativity.

Plus, schools receive the unmatched support of NWF. From webinars, how-to guides and curriculum support, NWF is your guide through the process and can connect you with nationwide peers through its Eco-Schools USA program. Schoolyard Habitats>>

Green Roof

Certify Your Place of Worship or Business

Businesses find that creating wildlife habitat provides a welcome outdoor respite for employees, as well as a wonderful conservation-minded program to execute. This is much the same for places of worship, where certifying the grounds offer teachable moments on stewardship, as well as an outdoor space for learning and spiritual fulfillment.

All public certifications, whether at businesses, places of worship, hospitals or parks, offer experiential learning opportunities for the greater community. Get Started >>

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