National Wildlife Week Family Fun


Gulf coast toad

Spend a few hours exploring wildlife, fishing, or doing fun crafts and games with your kids during National Wildlife Week, March 17-23. Simple crafts, nature observation hikes and other outdoor and indoor activities are available here to get you started. 

Outdoor Activities


Indoor Activities

Here are some resources to give you ideas for where to go and what to do outdoors. Check our Events Page for additional ideas.


Hiking, Birding, Geocaching and Wildlife Watching

  • NatureFind — Find parks, trails, and other nature sites and use the advanced search to find locations by the type of site or by the activities you would like to do there (fishing, camping, walking, water sports, etc.).
  • Wildlife Nation — Wildlife Nation is an online and on-the-ground community of adults devoted to connecting kids with wildlife. Join the community, read what others are doing, create a family team, and connect with others with common interests like fishing, camping, planting trees or creating wildlife habitats. 
  • Ranger Rick's Geocache Trails (ages 6-14) — Geocaching is like high-tech outdoor treasure hunt using GPS. Join Ranger Rick and his pals on a geocaching adventure. 
  • Hiking Tips (all ages) — Get tips on how to prepare for a family hike and activities to do during your hike.
  • Bird Watching (ages 7-12) — Get started with bird watching by learning to identify bird behaviors.
  • Frog Finding (all ages) — Go outside to look for frogs.
  • Explore a Pond (ages 7 and up) — Explore a nearby pond and its wildlife.
  • Explore a Shore (all ages) — Explore a nearby pond and its wildlife.
  • Discover Dew (all ages) — Take a close-up look at dew.  
  • Camera Scavenger Hunt (all ages) — Have a scavenger hunt where you take photos of the things you find.  
  • Hunt for Signs of Spring (ages 12 and under) — Look for signs that spring is on the way. 
  • Watch Weather (ages 12 and under) — Go outside and observe the weather. 


Fishing for Kids and Families


Here are some fun things you can do together indoors during National Wildlife Week. 

Experiments, Crafts and Treats (from Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr.)



Games and Puzzles for Kids (from Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr.)

Read About Wildlife

  • Ranger Rick Jr. (ages 4-7) — Stories about the featured wildlife for National Wildlife Week and many more topics are available on the Let's Read page.

Animal Game: Swimmers
Animals that Fish 
Bath Time 
Bette’s Guide to Brown Bears
Dive Into Frogs
Great Grizzly 
Mighty Moose
Mystery Animal? (Humpback whale) 
Wading Birds

  • Ranger Rick (ages 7-12) — Read fun facts and articles about the featured wildlife for National Wildlife Week from Ranger Rick magazine.

Grizzly Bear
Harbor porpoise
Hawaiian monk seal
River otter
Sea turtles
Whooping crane





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