National Wildlife Week Posters

The National Wildlife Week poster series for 2013 is actually one big poster! Our "mega-poster" features the different parts of a tree and wildlife that are found in or use that part of the tree. Put all the individual posters together to make one very tall tree!

Each poster is designed to be printed at 17" x 11" but can also be printed at 11" x 8-1/2". Scroll down to find the poster files to download. When all the posters are printed and assembled vertically, they form one long poster—5-1/2 feet long!

Branching Out for Wildlife Mega-Poster

Here is how to put the individual posters together to form the mega-poster:

NWW 2-13 composite poster


Click the title to download the PDF files of the posters of the parts of a tree:


1: Title Poster

NWW 2013 Title poster thumbnail


2: Leaves, Fruit, Flowers Poster

NWW 2013 Leaves Fruit Flowers Poster thumbnail


3: Branches Poster

NWW 2013 Branches Poster thumbnail


4: Trunk Poster

NWW 2013 Trunk Poster thumbnail


5: Forest Floor Poster

National Wildlife Week 2013 Forest Floor poster


6. Roots and Soil Poster

NWW 2013 Roots and Soil Poster thumbnail

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