Your Mission: Watch for Wildlife During National Wildlife Week!


One of the best ways to celebrate wildlife is to notice what species are around you! During National Wildlife Week, here are two ways to log your sightings:

1. Log Your Sightings on NWF's Wildlife Watch Map

Wildlife Watch Painted Bunting

Not only is it fun to see how many plants, animals, insects and other wildlife you can spot, but when you share it on National Wildlife Federation's Wildlife Watch map, everyone can see what cool things are in your neck of the woods.

  • Download lists of wildlife to watch for
  • Share what you see
  • Share a wildlife story
  • Share photos
Log Your Wildlife Watch Sightings

2. Tweet Your Sightings Using #wildlifeweek

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If you spot wildlife on the fly, tweet about it using #wildlifeweek. And don't forget to follow @wildlife_watch for great wildlife sightings.

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