Barbara Bramble

Barbara Bramble

Vice President, International Conservation and Corporate Strategies
National Advocacy Center - Washington, DC

As Vice President for International Conservation and Corporate Strategies, at the National Wildlife Federation, Barbara J. Bramble works with the private sector to sever the connection between deforestation and agricultural production. She brings NWF’s massive membership to bear in convincing manufacturers and major retail brands to avoid purchasing agricultural and forest commodities that originate from recently cleared tropical rain forests and other carbon rich lands.

She also wears other hats: a) Board Chair of the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials, the global initiative for voluntary certification of biomass, biofuels and bio-plastics that meet social and environmental standards; and b) member of the Board of Directors of the Forest Stewardship Council, the widely recognized global eco-label for wood and paper products from sustainably managed forests.

Over two decades at National Wildlife Federation, as the original founder and director of NWF’s International department, she helped to place “sustainable development” and environmental protection at the center of economic decision-making. She developed innovative approaches to: a) reform the environmental and social policies of financial institutions such as the World Bank; b) reduce the negative environmental and social impacts of international trade agreements; c) establish voluntary certification systems to promote sustainable forest and agriculture products; and d) increase U.S. contributions to international voluntary family planning, reproductive health, and education for girls and women. Ms. Bramble was a key organizer of the International NGO Forum at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro and the Rio + 5 Conference in 1997. She worked closely with Mexican NGOs for several years, to enhance their advocacy and environmental education skills.

Before joining NWF, she served as legal advisor to the White House Council on Environmental Quality. In her early years, as an environmental lawyer in private practice, she won several big fights to keep industrial scale energy projects out of protected areas; for example she helped stop a massive gas pipeline from crossing the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, although this only saved it for the later battle with the Bush Administration in the early years of the new century.

Her J.D. is from George Washington University, and B.A. is from George Mason University. Ms. Bramble has lived in Latin America for almost 5 years and speaks both Spanish and Portuguese.

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