Carol Oldham

Carol Oldham

Regional Outreach Coordinator
Northeast Regional Center

Carol Oldham is the northeast Regional Outreach Coordinator for the National Wildlife Federation and brings more than a decade of outreach experience on issues relating to the environment and energy.

Carol has worked on outreach surrounding renewable energy in the Southwest and throughout New England as well as issues from fossil fuel-produced energy. She has brought together groups as disparate as tribes, ranchers, faith groups, educators, utilities, and hunting and fishing interests to put pressure on decision makers.

Carol previously worked for the Sierra Club as a regional manager and organizer and for Southern Mutual Help, organizing relief efforts in Louisiana after Katrina and Rita and for the Forest Service as a field biologist. She has an MBA in Policy and Planning from the University of New Mexico.

Her current role at the National Wildlife Federation includes reaching out to the hunting and fishing communities and NWF’s membership in the northeast as well as other key constituencies to educate decision makers on the impacts of policies and issues.

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