Cathy Brown

Cathy Brown

NWF Volunteer
Clermont, Florida

The Florida scrub-jay is Florida's only endemic bird, and is classified as "threatened".

When we discovered a family of 5 jays on the property at B.B. Brown's Gardens, we knew that it was our calling to create a habitat for these birds to avoid their collision course with extinction.

We turned to our partners at NWF for help.

As our plans developed for creating The Florida Scrub-Jay Consortium, Inc.", a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, NWF was by our side providing the seed money through the Wildlife Conservation Fund – "Keep the Wild Alive" program. This marked the official beginning of the Florida Scrub-Jay Trail, created to connect corridors of habitat for scrub-jays throughout the state of Florida.

Our NWF grant allowed us to build a large informational kiosk, which was designed and constructed by a local high school. We were also able to procure and plant hundreds of scrub plants and trees to begin the transition from fallow citrus grove to viable scrub for the jays to call home. Today, hundreds of volunteers dubbed "Trailblazers" work tirelessly as they continue the restoration of the Trail.

The Animal Planet TV show "Backyard Habitats", featuring NWF’s own Dave Mizejewski, paid a visit to the Florida Scrub-Jay Trail to shoot a segment on the Florida scrub-jay, which successfully captured the mating of a pair of jays. Look for this show airing today.

As visitors come to the Trail, they are made aware of the contribution by NWF to the preservation efforts of the Florida scrub-jay, and the impact made on wildlife preservation around the world.

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