Christopher Hilke

Christopher Hilke

Program Manager
Climate Change Adaptation Program
Northeast Regional Center - Montpelier, Vermont
office: 802-552-4322

Christopher Hilke is the Program Manager for the Climate Change Adaptation Program in the Northeast Regional Office for the National Wildlife Federation.

Chris is active across the Northeastern U.S. in expanding regional capacity to address climate-driven impacts by working with NWF affiliates, federal and state agencies, and other conservation partners to advance climate adaptation planning. Chris partners with state and federal agencies, and other conservation partners to facilitate the incorporation of climate-smart language into natural resource management plans including Wildlife Action Plans and Climate Adaptation/Action Plans. This work includes developing and facilitating statewide and regional-scale climate vulnerability assessments.

Chris's current focus is on using vulnerability assessment data to identify operationally and economically feasible adaptation strategies that increase the resiliency and/or adaptive capacity of the conservation targets, and working with diverse suites of cross-sector stakeholders to initiate the implementation of those strategies. Chris is specifically interested in the process of implementing regional and landscape-level conservation planning at local scales.

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