Gerald Meral

Gerald Meral

NWF Board Member
Inverness, CA

The issues I work on the most are sustainable water development and management, park and wildlife habitat protection, the preservation of the Point Reyes Peninsula in California, The Tuolumne River (including restoring Hetch Hetchy Valley) and helping conservation groups survive during a difficult financial period.

NWF helps statewide conservation groups communicate and learn from one another.  I serve on the committee which tries to help our statewide affiliates, and searches for new affiliates to represent their states on NWF’s governing body.  NWF is also a real leader in the climate change problem.  I am glad to serve on the NWF board, and assist NWF staff and leadership in these efforts.

I am especially pleased with the relationship between the affiliates I represent on the NWF Board (Hawaii, California, and Nevada) and NWF.  All three are proud to be our state affiliates, and I do my best to help them with internal management and conservation issues.

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