John Gale

John Gale

National Sportsmen's Outreach Campaign Manager
Rocky Mountains and Prairies Regional Center - Boulder, CO

John Gale is a 5th generation Idahoan who grew up hunting and fishing the backcountry with his family. Engaged in politics at a young age, John finished high school early to take his first job with the Idaho State Senate. Later on, while feeding an outdoors addiction as a whitewater river guide and ranger, John received his degree in Natural Resource Management from the University of Idaho.

After a two year stint in Morocco with the Peace Corps managing biodiversity and water projects, John found a niche for his ecumenical angling habits in Washington, D.C. directing a variety of grassroots conservation programs for Trout Unlimited.

In early 2006, succumbing to the calls from western topography, John returned to the high country and is currently working for the National Wildlife Federation in Boulder, Colorado as the National Sportsmen’s Outreach Campaign Manager.

In his personal time, John prefers the solitude of lonely mountains where the elk bugle and cold streams run full of wild trout.

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