Kevin Coyle

Kevin Coyle

Vice President, Education Programs
Headquarters - Reston, VA

Kevin Coyle has committed thirty-five years to improving America’s education and environmental education fields. He joined the National Wildlife Federation as vice president for education in 2005.

Prior to NWF, he was president of the National Environmental Education & Training Foundation (NEETF), an award-winning organization chartered by Congress to strengthen U.S. environmental learning for personal stewardship, science education, improved health care, business management, watershed management and natural resource management. He has also led and founded several other educational and environmental organizations, including River Network, Inc. (Washington, DC and Portland), American Rivers, and the American Land Resource Association.

Coyle is trustee and immediate past chair of The Potomac Conservancy, trustee of The Alice Ferguson Foundation, and has served two terms as chairman of The Natural Resources Council of America.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from LaSalle University, a JD in environmental law from Temple University, and the Conservation Leadership Institute Certificate from the Wharton School of Business.

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