Kristy Jones

Kristy Jones

Manager, Campus Climate Education and Action
Headquarters - Reston, VA

Kristy is the manager of campus climate education and action in National Wildlife Federation's Campus Ecology program.

She manages campus memberships, resources such as webinars and climate solutions fellowships, internships, key partnerships, and has co-authored Higher Education in a Warming World – The Business Case for Climate Leadership on Campus. Kristy also works on NWF’s national Chill Out: Campus Solutions to Global Warming competition and webcast – Chill Out has received an EMA Green Seal award and was nominated for an Imagen Award. Kristy manages the operations and support systems for the regional and national campus staff.

She has participated in several NWF annual meetings, a most memorable experience was participating in a habitat restoration project in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina at NWF’s annual meeting in March 2006.

Before joining NWF, Kristy worked at the Foundation for Environmental Security and Sustainability as an office/research coordinator. Kristy also spent six years working for the Center for Field Studies at George Mason University (GMU). One of her largest projects at GMU was managing The Bahamas Environmental Research Center on Andros Island. Kristy has led several field studies to The Bahamas and Costa Rica.

She graduated in 1996 with a B.A. in Anthropology and received her master's degree in 2000 in Environmental Studies.

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