Larissa Johnson

Larissa Johnson

Coordinator, Maryland Climate Coalition

Mid-Atlantic Regional Center
Annapolis, Maryland


Larissa is the Coordinator for the Maryland Climate Coalition, a coalition of Maryland environmental, faith, business, and other community groups who have joined together to unite Marylanders to mitigate climate change to protect our environment, health, and economy. The Coalition works with a broad range of partners engaging in policy advocacy, grassroots organizing, and public education.

For the last ten years, she has dedicated her life to working with and for communities; helping people create sustainable, walk-able, bike-able, healthy neighborhoods that cultivate hale and hearty children and invigorate the communities’ livelihood. Prior to receiving her MPA in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs she worked predominately in the field of nutrition, physical activity, and chronic disease prevention and what she gleaned through her work is that the environment is at the center of literally everything we do in life. Without clean air to breathe – how do we stay healthy and combat preventative illnesses? Without clean water – how do we grow nutritious, locally produced food? And without green spaces – how do we learn to play and enjoy the outdoors again the way it was intended?

Larissa is a huge proponent of working smarter, not harder and the only way to accomplish big things with limited funds and limited time is through partnerships. As a leader with the Moving Maryland Forward Network (MMFN), she hopes to cultivate meaningful relationships that will benefit Marylanders from the mountains to the coast of this fine state and across political and socioeconomic subgroups.