Lisa Madry

Lisa Madry

Director, Campus Outreach
South Central Regional Center - Austin, TX

Lisa is the Campus Field Director for the Campus Ecology program. Lisa works with champion campuses committed to reducing net emissions.

She has been with NWF for four years, transitioning to Campus Ecology from another regional representative position within the organization where she worked with affiliates such as the Arkansas Wildlife Federation and the Conservation Federation of Missouri on national conservation issues.

Lisa has worked in the public service arena for the last 15 years. She co-founded and directed SCALE (Student Coalition for Action in Literacy Education), a national organization mobilizing student involvement in literacy efforts, for which she won President Bush's Point of Light Award in 1990. She also served as a representative for the Industrial Areas Foundation, an organization working with churches and schools to train and empower community leaders to improve services for their communities.

Lisa holds a degree in public policy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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