Matthew Gilbert

Matthew Gilbert

2005 Campus Ecology Fellow
University of Alaska, Anchorage

Project: Matthew researched the effects of global warming as observed by Gwich’in Athabascan elders and hunters in the Alaska Interior and assessed the tribes’ capacity and interest in addressing the issue. He developed a presentation on his findings which he was asked to present at the National Wildlife Federation Tribal Lands Conference and various other national and international conferences.

What he is doing now: Matthew is an Alaska Native and an active member in the Alaska Native political community. Matthew won the 2007 Conservationist of the Year Award from Northern Alaska Environmental Center for his Fellowship work and was featured on NPR. He is currently pursuing a graduate degree in rural development. For his final project he has been interpreting cassette tapes of the elders of his village from long ago. Listen to Matthew's story on NPR.

Matthew on his Fellowship: I am thankful that NWF gave me the honor and privilege to work as a Fellow. With what they gave me, I have created the most rewarding work I ever did - giving my people a voice on global warming that was heard nationwide. This work will pay off for the rest of my life.

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