Phil Aroneau

Phil Aroneau

2004 Campus Ecology Fellow
Middlebury College, Vermont

Project: Phil established a vermicomposting system in a pre-existing college greenhouse producing fertilizer from campus dining hall waste for campus and community organic gardening. The project was fully integrated into the campus’s organic garden and the worms are now under the care of two paid garden interns and other student volunteers.

What he is doing now: Phil graduated from Middlebury College in 2007 and now serves as one of the founding coordinators of, an international campaign that’s building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis. This past year, organized what CNN called the “most widespread political day of action in history.” On October 24, 2009, they helped coordinate over 5,000 actions in more than 170 countries. Phil’s many roles include leading new media projects, youth programs and the Africa/Middle East organizing push. He has also been leading many of’s leadership workshops and attended the international climate negotiations in Copenhagen in December 2009.

Phillip on his Fellowship: The NWF Campus Ecology program is like a Petri dish for innovative projects run by youth leaders. It provides them a springboard to reach for the game-changing solutions that our ecological crises require.

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