Russell Bassett

Russell Bassett

Online Campaign Coordinator-Hunter and Angler Outreach
Rocky Mountains Regional Center - Boulder, CO

Russell Bassett, was hired in February 2014 as the online campaign coordinator for hunter and angler outreach.

Bassett does grassroots online outreach to sportsmen and women in support of NWF's conservation campaigns nationwide. He is working to expand NWF’s network of hunter and angler activists. He is also producing hunter/angler-themed online content that includes newsletters, blogs, photos, videos, web content and social media.

Before joining NWF, Bassett was the executive director of NWF’s Oregon affiliate, The Association of Northwest Steel headers. He served with the US Army in Korea and Iraq where he was a public affairs supervisor. He also worked in the newspaper business as a reporter, photographer and designer, and held several positions with fish conservation nonprofits.

An ardent angler from early childhood, Bassett’s passion is fishing. At one time or another, he has chased about every species of panfish, bass, trout, and salmon that is possible to catch in the United States. While he enjoys casting both single-hand and two-handed fly rods, he’s just as likely to use traditional gear if it’s more likely to catch fish.

He is committed to protecting and restoring fish and wildlife habitat, and ensuring the public has opportunty and access to fish, hunt, and enjoy other outdoor recreation.

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