Simone Lightfoot

Simone Lightfoot

Consultant on Regional Urban Initiatives
Great Lakes Regional Center

Simone Lightfoot is a nationally recognized community organizer, public policy politico, and Detroit native. 

A decorated U.S. Air Force veteran, Simone served as a deputy chief of staff in the Michigan House of Representatives. She became a radio political policy analyst before joining the American Red Cross as a regional representative.

Lightfoot was named to the national staff of the NAACP as the Michigan state director before eventually assuming regional voting rights and mass mobilization responsibilities. She was the campaign manager for the first directly elected African American mayor of Cincinnati before going on to serve in the administration. Lightfoot was also named director of public policy and elections coordinator with Wayne County, Michigan before returning to the NAACP to assume responsibility for environmental and energy policy and alliances. Currently, Lightfoot serves as a trustee on the Ann Arbor Board of Education.

In her work with the National Wildlife Federation on Regional Urban Initiatives, Lightfoot is working with leaders in key urban centers throughout the Great Lakes Region to help strengthen the work being done on energy and sustainability; green job development; air and water quality; brown field and hazardous waste clean-up; and environmental justice issues.

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