Tim Warman

Tim Warman

Exec Director, Global Warming Solutions Program
National Advocacy Center - Washington, DC

Tim leads NWF's Global Warming Solutions Program and directs the work of the Global Warming Solutions Team in the National Advocacy Center and in other NWF locations around the country. 

NWF's Global Warming Solutions Program pursues strategies to reduce global warming pollution from burning coal, oil and natural gas: the fossil fuels that produce 69 percent of global warming pollution, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from farms and forests that produce 31 percent of the problem worldwide. 

The Global Warming Solutions Team supports and facilitates the work of many NWF staff throughout the organization, our affiliates, and other corporate and NGO partners to combat global warming.  Over the past few years the team has helped people understand the importance of confronting global warming through a long series of climate change impact reports.  They have conducted a very aggressive campaign to encourage policy makers to take action on climate change legislation.  And they have enabled a host of new partners, including Native Americans, Farmers, Evangelicals, African Americans, Hunters and Anglers, and Labor to participate in the policy process to craft climate change legislation that meets the needs of all Americans.  Now, in the fall of 2009, the Global Warming Solutions Team is working for passage of a strong national climate and energy bill based on the principles of cap and trade and incentives for positive change and we are working to influence the creation and adoption of a new international climate treaty that engages all countries in the reduction of global warming pollution through fossil fuel emission reduction and implementation of effective sustainable forest and farm management practices that protect rain forests and other important lands.

Tim provides strategic and programmatic leadership to the team.  He works closely with other program leaders throughout NWF to ensure that the Global Warming Solutions Team works effectively and synergistically with Education, Development, Communications, Regional Programs, Finance, Outreach, Advocacy and Senior Management to achieve the goals and priorities that make NWF effective in achieving its mission.

Tim has worked to conserve natural resources and protect the Earth that sustains both people and nature for over 20 years.  Joining NWF four years ago to help build the global warming solutions program has been a wonderful personal and career opportunity.  Tim holds a strong vision of a clean and green planet where people achieve their highest potential while living in harmony with all the diversity of the natural world.  We have the potential to achieve this outcome.  We are on the cusp of starting humanity down a new path to a clean energy future.  Nothing could be cooler than being part of the National Wildlife Federation at the very heart of the storm of public demand for climate action.

In his spare time, Tim enjoys family activities, increasing his meager skills as a traditional archer, studying the settlement of the eastern frontier in the 18th century, and medieval English and Japanese culture.  There was minimal global warming pollution in the medieval period, but harmony with ones neighbors was often lacking.

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