Tony Turrini

Tony Turrini

Senior Counsel
Pacific Regional Center - Anchorage, Alaska

Tony Turrini is one of NWF’s three senior attorneys.  He has over 20 years of experience in environmental law, litigation, and policy.  Tony leads NWF’s campaign to protect Alaska’s vast Bristol Bay watershed from open pit mining.  Bristol Bay is home to the the world’s largest remaining runs of wild sockeye salmon and is extraordinarily vulnerable to contamination from mining wastes. 

Tony also spearheads NWF’s efforts to promote sustainable tourism.  Tourism is Alaska’s second-largest private sector employer.  NWF is working to make tourism in Alaska greener and more socially conscious while emphasizing the connection between a healthy environment and healthy economy.  Among other things, Tony helped found Adventure Green Alaska, the state’s first certification program for sustainable tourism businesses. 

Prior to assuming his current position, Tony was director of the Alaska Office for seven years and guided NWF’s campaigns to protect the Copper River Delta, Arctic Refuge, and Prince William Sound. 

Tony holds a J.D. and Master’s degree from University of Colorado and an undergraduate degree in English literature from UCLA.  He is an enthusiastic cross-country skier, bicycle racer, backpacker, and clawhammer banjo player.  Tony lives in Anchorage with his wife, Lisa, and daughters, Gina and Geneva.           

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