Meet Juanita Constible: An Antarctic Scientist

Interview with NWF Technical Analyst Juanita Constible

01-06-2010 // Jessica Fries-Gaither - Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears

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Juanita Constible spent her holidays in an unusual way--traveling to the coldest, windiest, driest, and highest place on Earth! She’s on a scientific expedition with four other scientists from Miami University (OH) and Ohio State University, studying an unusual insect’s ability to survive cold temperatures.

We were lucky enough to interview Juanita about her trip!

BPPB: Tell us a bit about yourself.

JC: I am a technical analyst--sort of like a scientific advisor--with National Wildlife Federation’s coastal Louisiana program. I was trained as a wildlife ecologist and have studied a variety of animals across Canada and the U.S. I’ve been interested in science education since I was a graduate student, and enjoy sharing my love of nature and science with people of all ages.

BPPB: What is the purpose of your trip to Antarctica?

JC: I’m going to Antarctica with four other scientists to study the southernmost free-living insect in the world. This insect is called Belgica antarctica, but we call it Belgica for short because it doesn’t have a common name. In addition to helping the scientists, I will be sharing our experiences with K-12 students and teachers.

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