North Texas cities improving water conservation efforts

New report analyzes analyzes water conservation plans for 19 Texas cities

03-08-2010 // Mike Lee - Star-Telegram

This is excerpt is from an article appearing in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Fort Worth, Dallas and Arlington are making strides in conserving water, but they could still do a lot more, according to two environmental groups.

North Texas used more water per capita than other areas of the state and did little to conserve water until 2007. That's when the Legislature began requiring cities to make detailed plans for water conservation, including setting goals for reducing their per-capita consumption.

The Sierra Club and National Wildlife Federation analyzed the water conservation plans for 19 Texas cities and compared several areas: water use per capita and goals for reducing it; how strongly their water rates encouraged conservation; how many out-of-date toilets the cities replaced; how much they spent on conservation programs; their watering and irrigation ordinances; and their educational programs.

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