GOP rejects Obama’s call for ‘Sputnik’ moment on clean-energy development

House Appropriations Energy and Water panel moves to slash renewable energy funding by 27 percent.

06-02-2011 // Erik Wasson - The Hill
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This following is an excpert from The Hill

House Republican appropriators have rejected President Obama’s call to have a “Sputnik moment” by ramping up spending on clean energy.

On Thursday, the Appropriations Energy and Water panel moved a bill to full committee that slashes renewable energy funding by 27 percent, or $491 million, to $1.3 billion. That is $1.9 billion below what Obama sought in his budget.

Environmentalists and unions were angered by the move, which they said will negatively affect the ability of renewable forms of energy to become competitive in the market.


It says a lot about the priorities of this Congress that they would protect billions of dollars of oil company subsidies while gutting investments in clean energy alternatives. Big Oil wants our kids to be as hooked on expensive oil as we are today, and clean energy investments are the only way to break the addiction,” said Jeremy Symons of the National Wildlife Federation.

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