Nature Center Has Camping Lessons

06-23-2011 // Mike Organ

The following is an excerpt from The Tennessean.

In this battered economy, folks are looking for cheaper vacation alternatives.

Marshmallow over fire

One option could be closer than they realize. As close as their backyard.

Saturday is the Great American Backyard Campout, when the National Wildlife Federation encourages people to spend the night outdoors.

In connection with the national program, the staff at Shelby Bottoms Nature Center will offer a free lesson Saturday on how to most enjoy camping.

“We will show people how to camp and let them set up tents,” said Denise Weyer, director of Shelby Bottoms Nature Center. “They’re going to look at some of the insects that you might find in your backyard. They’re going to do a marshmallow roast, talk about camping safety, talk about some of the campsite games you might play, and look at some camping equipment.”

The group also will walk the greenway looking for birds and small animals they might also see in their backyards.

“It’s just all about trying to get kids outside,” Weyer said. “This is one of our favorite programs of the National Wildlife Federation.”