Fuel-efficient vehicles linked to economic vitality

09-13-2011 // Kimberley Donoghue - Providence Business News

This excerpt is from Providence Business News

More than 2,000 jobs throughout New England are dedicated to creating and making new technology for the new generation of fuel efficient cars and trucks, according to a report sponsored by the United Auto Workers, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the National Wildlife Federation.

The report, entitled “Supplying Ingenuity: U.S. Suppliers of Clean, Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Technologies,” also said there are 150,000 jobs nationwide among the 300 facilities which develop and supply components for advanced internal combustion engines and vehicles, hybrid power-trains and plug-in electric vehicles.

In Rhode Island, there are two of these facilities - one related to plug-in electric vehicles, employing 10 people, and one related to common components, employing 25 people.

In Massachusetts, there are 11 facilities, employing 776 people, according to the report.

“This report demonstrates how strong fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks sustain local jobs. They also safeguard wildlife, and protect [the United States’] public health,” said Jim Lyon, the National Wildlife Federation’s senior vice president for conservation programs. “It’s critical that Congress stops putting these gains at risk by grandstanding against the Clean Air Act and other landmark laws that Americans across the nation rely on.”

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