Pipeline Controversy

09-22-2011 // KOTA Radio

This excerpt is from KOTA radio

As the State Department continues to hold hearings in the states through which the Keystone XL pipeline will pass, they’re planning to be in Pierre next week, taking public testimony.

Supporters have been saying that the pipeline will not only create more jobs but it’s key to America’s energy security and energy independence.

Matt McGovern, outreach consultant at the National Wildlife Federation for South Dakota, said that if the pipeline is built, the result will leave the US even more dependent on oil….

He says the pipeline will cause the price of gas in South Dakota to go up. He read from Transcanada’s application for the permit on the Canadian side of the border…. 

Two sessions will be held during the hearings on Thursday in Pierre to allow for public testimony, from noon to 3:30pm and again from 4 to 8pm

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