Colorado: Spill Near Refinery Is Investigated

11-30-2011 // Dan Frosch - The New York Times

This blurb is from the New York Times

Cleanup crews with Suncor Energy were trying to contain a small spill near a Denver-area oil refinery on Wednesday after liquid began seeping into a creek this week. Suncor was investigating the source of the leak and what precisely was oozing into the creek near its refinery in Commerce City. Workers were trying to keep the liquid from flowing into the South Platte River. Curtis Kimbel, an Environmental Protection Agency coordinator, described the material as a petroleum-type substance. Workers had contained the spill to an area of about 75 yards, he said. The National Wildlife Federation said it was concerned that the material could contain Canadian oil sands crude, which can be difficult to clean because it is so thick.

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