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Global Warming News

Report: Tar Sands Pipelines Threaten Great Lakes Region's Water, Wildlife

The health and future of the Great Lakes region, which provides drinking water to millions of people, is at grave risk from tar sands oil pipeline expansions, according to a new report by the National Wildlife Federation.

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Protecting Wildlife and Habitat News

A Vision for Comprehensive Gulf Restoration

The National Wildlife Federation released a report describing 47 projects that would improve the health of the Gulf of Mexico in the wake of the 2010 oil disaster. Restoring the Gulf of Mexico for People and Wildlife: Recommended Projects and Priorities takes a broad look at restoration efforts that would benefit all five Gulf Coast states.   

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Get Outside News

National Wildlife Federation Reveals "Your Best Shots" Photo Contest Winners

National Wildlife Federation and its treasured publication, Ranger Rick magazine are thrilled to announce the six prestige winners of Ranger Rick magazine's national competition, "Your Best Shots" Photo Contest. The award is given to young photographers who capture original, inspiring, and jaw-dropping nature-themed images of either wildlife or landscapes.

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