Target Donates $50,000 to Support National Wildlife Federation's Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund

Gift will go toward NWF's work protecting wildlife impacted by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

05-24-2010 // NWF Staff
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Target Corp. donated $50,000 to the National Wildlife Federation's Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund to be used to protect wildlife impacted by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

"Since we opened our first store in 1962, Target has invested in the health and sustainability of our communities," said Anthony Heredia, Target's VP of corporate risk and responsibility." We are grateful for the tremendous work being done by the National Wildlife Federation and other non-profit organizations in response to this disaster, and we will continue to monitor the situation and provide assistance as needed."

The donation is also part of Target's commitment to giving 5 percent of its income--more than $3 million every week--to the communities it serves, adds Laysha Ward, president of Target community relations and Target Foundation. "Target is committed to funding programs that provide disaster relief to communities in need," she said. "Through our donation to the National Wildlife Federation, we hope to help protect the precious coastal resources and wildlife threatened by this crisis and preserve them for the next generation."

The Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund will support the following efforts:

  • Development and deployment of the National Wildlife Federation's Gulf Coast Surveillance Teams , a volunteer network that is being organized to monitor the coast for wildlife impacted by the oil spill. Beyond the initial surveillance needed, this effort will then shift to long term volunteer restoration programs.

  • Restoration of vulnerable nesting and breeding grounds, as well as other delicate ecosystems found throughout the Gulf Coast for water birds, sea turtles and other animals.

  • Public education about the oil spill and its impacts on wildlife, including our online efforts at and informing the press and others about the impacts the oil spill is having on coastal communities and wildlife.

  • Policy work at the national and state level  to support restoration of habitat in the Gulf Coast and better protection of our waters and coastlines.

"Our heartfelt thanks go out to Target for its assistance in supporting our relief efforts," said Jaime Matyas, executive VP and chief operating officer of the National Wildlife Federation. "It is imperative that all available resources are directed to protecting and restoring the Gulf's wildlife and habitats in response to this devastating oil spill."

Target has long worked to minimize its environmental impact and contribute to the environmental health of its communities. In 1962, Target's giving was directed toward urban renewal, including cleaning up rivers, waterways and revitalizing city neighborhoods. Today, Target has many programs supporting these objectives, including cleaning up blighted properties and helping to restore wetlands and natural habitats.

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