Casa Vinicola Zonin Donates Funds for Gulf Coast Restoration

Wine producer donates $100,000

05-26-2011 // Megan Blevins

As clean-up continues one year after the Gulf oil spill disaster, Casa Vinicola Zonin USA presented the National Wildlife Federation with a $100,000 donation for Gulf coast restoration during their visit to NWF’s headquarters in Reston, VA, on May 18, 2011.

Oiled pelicans waiting to be cleaned

“The clean-up is important and we [at Zonin] knew that this would be a long haul, and not a situation where two months later the oil would go away,” said George O’Meara, Zonin USA Chief Financial Officer. “This money is to help the environment that needs to be protected along the Gulf coast.”

Immediately after the oil spill, Zonin began discussing how they could get involved in efforts to help wildlife and people affected by the spill. Atlantic Division Manager Tim Murphy explains that Zonin is a company who prides itself on family, and so it was an easy decision to help the environment and the people of this country.

“The clean-up will benefit those who have industry on the Gulf—like local tourism—and will help to sustain their livelihoods by bringing visitors back to the Gulf,” said Murphy. “These families have been there for generations and in one foul swoop a lot of people were displaced; we wanted to help bring these families back to the Gulf—back to their homes.”

Zonin partners with NWF

During the check presentation, National Wildlife Federation’s Chief Operation Officer Jaime Matyas thanked Zonin for their support and contribution.

“On behalf of the National Wildlife Federation and the people and species in the Gulf, I would like to thank you [Zonin] for your contribution,” said Matyas. “We all greatly appreciate your support in protecting wildlife and restoring the Gulf coast.”

Based in Charlottesville, VA, Zonin is the world’s largest privately held Italian wine producer. The dedicated proceeds were from the sale of Zonin’s popular Prosecco wine and will be used for ongoing wildlife habitat restoration efforts through NWF’s Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund.

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