NWF: EPA's McCarthy Deserves Fair Hearing, Clean Confirmation

Quick decision urged for EPA Administrator

04-10-2013 // Miles Grant

With the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee set to hold a hearing on the nomination of Gina McCarthy as Environmental Protection Agency Administrator on Thursday, the National Wildlife Federation urges a fair hearing and clean up-or-down confirmation vote.

“The Environmental Protection Agency will need her leadership as it continues working to confront the climate crisis,” said Larry Schweiger, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation. “While President Obama has made clear that he prefers to work with Congress to find bipartisan compromise on climate action, in the face of Congress’ continued failure to act meaningfully on climate change, it’s essential that the Environmental Protection Agency uses its Clean Air Act authority to finalize and implement limits on industrial carbon pollution.”

The National Wildlife Federation began an online campaign in key states on Monday urging U.S. Senate to support the clean water concerns of sportsmen and confirm McCarthy, part of a coalition campaign going online in 11 states. The ads read:

Clean water matters to [state]. It drives our economy and defines our values. No wonder 79% of sportsmen support the Clean Water Act. Tell Senator XX to stand strong for sportsmen and support Gina McCarthy for EPA.

Four out of five hunters and anglers support restoring clean water protections to our waterways, according to a national poll of sportsmen conducted last fall by Chesapeake Beach Consulting for the National Wildlife Federation. The poll showed threats to America’s conservation heritage are priority issues for sportsmen, on par with gun rights.

The National Wildlife Federation ads went online Monday in Alaska (Begich and Murkowski), Arkansas (Pryor), Iowa (Grassley), North Dakota (Heitkamp) and South Dakota (Johnson). The League of Conservation Voters is also running online ads in Illinois (Kirk), Indiana (Donnelly), Missouri (McCaskill), New Hampshire (Ayotte) and North Carolina (Hagen).

“Ms. McCarthy is also a prominent leader in the effort to reconnect children and families with nature through outdoor education and recreation,” wrote Schweiger in a letter to senators today. “During her tenure as Commissioner of Connecticut’s Department of Environmental Protection, she established the No Child Left Inside program to encourage families throughout the state to visit their parks and forests. She has a clear commitment to preparing the next generation of environmental stewards.”

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