RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd. Honored at National Wildlife Federation’s National Conservation Achievement Awards

"RenaissanceRe strongly believes the insurance industry can be a positive force for change in areas where they have unique expertise to offer."

04-25-2014 // Anne Goddard

Conservation Achievement AwardRenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd. (NYSE: RNR) has been selected as the recipient of the National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) 2014 Corporate Leadership Award for their reinsurance policies and practices. The company will receive its award on Wednesday, April 30, 2014, at NWF’s Conservation Achievement Awards in Washington D.C.

"RenaissanceRe strongly believes the insurance industry can be a positive force for change in areas where they have unique expertise to offer," said president and CEO of National Wildlife Federation, Larry Schweiger. "Their innovative practices aim to reduce injury and loss of life, decrease damage to properties, enhance the resiliency of coastal and other risk-exposed habitats, and lessen the cycles of reconstruction and repair after disasters."

RenaissanceRe is the largest provider of catastrophe exposed financial coverages and related services in the world, pioneering products that help businesses, homeowners, insurers and communities recover from potentially catastrophic losses, including those that arise from hurricanes, flooding and other severe weather risks.  Through its Risk Sciences Foundation and otherwise, RenaissanceRe supports advanced scientific research in natural catastrophes, the development of risk mitigation and adaptive techniques to safeguard communities, efforts that reduce the economic turmoil following disasters, and organizations that preserve coastal and other risk-exposed habitats.   RenaissanceRe is also known for its mitigation outreach and engagement, including its award-winning series of Risk Mitigation Leadership Forums that have been recognized by the National Hurricane Conference with an Outstanding Public Awareness Award.

“It is an honor to be recognized by the National Wildlife Federation with a Corporate Leadership Award.  Throughout our 20-year history, RenaissanceRe has been working to protect our clients and the people they serve from severe risks worldwide,” said Kevin O’Donnell, President and CEO of RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd. “We conduct and support advanced scientific research that is helping to expand our understanding of natural catastrophes and the ways in which risk mitigation techniques can help keep people and communities safer. We are proud to support the National Wildlife Federation and their efforts to promote scientifically sound initiatives to enhance the resiliency of coastal and other risk-exposed environments, reduce the risk of loss of human life, and lessen the economic costs of future disasters.”

RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd. is a global provider of reinsurance and insurance. The Company’s business consists of three reportable segments: (1) Catastrophe Reinsurance, which includes catastrophe reinsurance and certain property catastrophe joint ventures managed by the Company’s ventures unit; (2) Specialty Reinsurance, which includes specialty reinsurance and certain specialty joint ventures managed by the Company’s ventures unit; and (3) Lloyd’s, which includes reinsurance and insurance business written through RenaissanceRe Syndicate 1458. 

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