NWF to Hold National Summit on Connecting Kids to Nature

This month, leading health and policy experts convene for the National Summit on Children and the Outdoors

04-02-2010 // Mary Burnette

Parents have a big influence on how much outdoor time their kids get, but state and federal policies that connect children with nature also play a major role. That’s why National Wildlife Federation is convening some of the country’s leading experts for the National Summit on Children and the Outdoors, occurring April 10 in Houston, Texas.

The summit will address how America’s childhood has largely moved indoors in the past 15 years, and how that inside trend can be reversed.  The average child is now spending almost 8 hours a day inside engaged with some type of electronic media. As a result, healthy and stress-free outdoor play is becoming a thing of the past.

Check out some of the distinguished panelists at the conference, whose presentations will be webcast live:  U.S. Deputy Surgeon General Dr. David Rutstein; Texas state representative Carol Alvarado; Dr. Sandra Stenmark, pediatrician with Kaiser Permanente who strongly advocates more outdoor time for her patients; Dr. Nina Roberts from San Francisco State University, an expert on the benefits of outdoor recreation; and Margo Pedroso of the Safe Routes to School National Partnership.

Members of the public are invited to attend a viewing of the webcast, or sign up to host their own viewing party with family, parent friends, and other members of their community who care about this issue. All that’s needed is a computer with a high speed internet connection and speakers. 

First Lady Michelle Obama’s Lets Move campaign advocates more exercise for kids to reduce our country’s epidemic of childhood obesity. NWF’s National Summit on Children and the Outdoors will advocate getting kids to move outdoors, and will highlight policy solutions to make that happen.

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