Wild Animal Baby Explorers Coming to Your Home Soon

New television show teaches kids about nature and creatures, big and small

09-29-2010 // Mary Burnette

The National Wildlife Federation is launching a new TV series and it will have the pre-school crowd going wild. Wild Animal Baby Explorers, the first-ever TV offering for kids from NWF, premiers on public television across the country the first week of October with it’s entertaining combination of lovable 3D animated characters and high-def live-action footage.

The show captivates young viewers by taking them on adventures, by land and by sea, teaching them about nature and creatures big and small. There’s a mystery to solve in each 30 minute episode, inspiring kids to explore the mysteries of nature in their own backyard or playground. And all the while, the audience is developing an appreciation for the great outdoors, something kids might lose if they don’t get outside to play on a regular basis.


The feathered and furry animated stars of the show are: Benita the Beaver, always eager to learn; Skip the Rabbit, always up for a new discovery; Izzy the Owl, always curious; Sammy the Skunk, always silly; and Sally the Salamander, always knowledgeable and keeping everyone on track.

This gang of critters explores fascinating features and creatures of the natural world from pandas to penguins, dolphins to daddy long legs, and bears to butterflies. Preschools will learn how some animals deal with itches and groom themselves in the wild, what their unique coloring and markings mean to their survival, and the ways in which they prepare for winter.

Every episode is packed with cool facts presented from a child’s perspective. The show not only entertains but it increases pre-schooler’s observation, listening and problem solving skills.

Meet Benita!

Presented by Washington DC-based WETA public television Wild Animal Baby Explorers is an outgrowth of the highly-successful DVD that NWF launched in 2006, called Wild Animal Baby. Both the DVD and the TV show are based on NWF’s award-winning pre-school magazine, Wild Animal Baby, enjoyed by youngsters every month when it arrives in their mailbox.

Wild Animal Baby Explorers will inspire youngsters to get outside and explore the wild where they live, be it a backyard or the park down the street. NWF’s Be Out There team has created some fun activities for kids to enjoy while they are exploring the great outdoors at www.beoutthere.org.
Check your local TV listings to see when Wild Animal Baby Explorers is airing in your area of the country.

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