Oregon Completes State Environmental Literacy Plan

New Guidelines Will Support Teachers and Reinforce Existing Education Goals

10-21-2010 // Courtney Sullivan, NWF Pacific Regional Education Manager
Arial view of school children

The state of Oregon this month completed its first environmental literacy plan for students in grades K through 12.  The plan is designed to ensure that students in Oregon are prepared to address environmental issues related to the challenges of climate change, energy, national security and health risks. 

Joining Nebraska and Maryland, Oregon is the third state to have a completed environmental literacy plan.  Having this plan in place will reinforce existing educational goals, support teachers, and position Oregon to be eligible for pending funds through federal No Child Left Inside legislation included in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

The environmental literacy plan, for use by schools and districts, will serve as a roadmap for state leaders to develop and implement education for environmental literacy.

The legislation (HB2544) is designed to ensure that every student in Oregon becomes a lifelong steward of their environment and community.  The literacy plan will also contribute to healthier lifestyles by making outdoor experiences part of the regular school curriculum and creating programs that promote outdoor recreation and sound nutrition.

HB2544 will create opportunities for enhanced and ongoing professional development of educators by improving teachers’ knowledge of environmental issues, and skill in teaching environmental issues both in the classroom and in settings outside of the classroom.

The Oregon Environmental Literacy Plan: Toward a Sustainable Future can be read in full here (pdf).

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