Celebrate National Wildlife Week

National Wildlife Federation Event Gets Families Outside to Explore Nature

03-14-2011 // Mary Burnette
playing moth in hands

“Animals that Move Us” is the theme this year for National Wildlife Week, March 14-20, so get ready to move and groove with all things wild.

During this unique event, kids and parents will be making time to get outside and explore the natural world around them with the help of outdoor games, crafts, and activities provided by National Wildlife Federation.

Each day of this week NWF is featuring feature a specific group of animals based on their mode of locomotion: flying, digging/slithering, walking/running, hopping/jumping, and swimming.

The 45 animals highlighted include those you can find in your backyard, those in need of help, and those critical to major eco-systems.

Kids can have fun matching groups of animals based on common features they share. A different poster will be available each day of the week, along with lesson plans for teachers.

National Wildlife Week 2011

Kids can learn about different species of wildlife and then participate in a habitat project or other conservation service project. The web site includes a number of starter ideas for community service projects. These projects can begin during National Wildlife Week and be completed for Youth Service Day in April.

National Wildlife Week, which has been celebrated for 73 years, is National Wildlife Federation’s oldest program. NWF is observing the organization’s 75th anniversary this year.

Download trading cards, posters, games, crafts, wild activities and lesson plans at: www.nwf.org/NationalWildlifeWeek

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