Ranger Rick’s Backyard Safari Opening At the Tennessee Aquarium

First exhibit featuring NWF's Ranger Rick to inspire aquarium visitors of all ages

05-06-2011 // Mary Burnette

After more than four decades of inspiring a love of wildlife and nature in children, the iconic Ranger Rick will jump off the pages of the beloved National Wildlife Federation magazine and into an experiential exhibit at the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, TN.

Tennessee Aquarium

Ranger Rick’s Backyard Safari®, premiering on May 12, 2011, will use live animal experiences to help families tune into, and appreciate, nature from their own backyard to the backyards of creatures from around the world.

Aquarium visitors will get an up close and personal encounter with a variety of furry, feathered, and finned critters on Ranger Rick’s Backyard Safari, including a Eurasian eagle owl, Happy Jack, the talking Amazon parrot, groundhogs, legless lizards and more.

Celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, NWF is encouraging families to  Be Out There™ and connect with nature and the exhibit at the aquarium will encourage them to do just that. The award-winning Ranger Rick children’s magazine has led generations of readers on an exploration of the outdoors, encouraging a life-long love of nature in children.

Piranha at the Tennessee Aquarium
“You don’t just automatically have a love of nature,” said Aquarium senior aviculturist Amy Graves. “For many of us that love started when we began reading Ranger Rick. These magazines encourage natural exploration, curiosity and a desire to watch animals. I think this new gallery is going to be a great place to feed that desire for more knowledge.”


“We’re always looking for opportunities to connect people to nature,” said Kevin Coyle, Vice President of Education, of the National Wildlife Federation. “Featuring Ranger Rick and the Be Out There program with the Tennessee Aquarium’s educators and animal programs adds a fun new element to our outreach, encouraging kids to learn about wildlife in their own communities and explore the natural world for themselves.”

More info can be found on the aquarium’s web site.

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