NWF Partners with New Movie About Amazing Dolphin

NWF Joins Dolphin Tale Movie to Educate About Marine Habitats

09-22-2011 // Mary Burnette
Dolphin Tale in theaters September 23, 2011

National Wildlife Federation (NWF) has teamed up with the Warner Bros. Pictures and Alcon Entertainment film Dolphin Tale to inspire kids and families to learn about dolphins and protect ocean habitat. Dolphin Tale opens nationwide on September 23, with NWF serving as the production's environmental education partner.

The film is inspired by the amazing true story of a brave dolphin and the people who worked together to save her life. After being caught in a crab trap, the bottlenose dolphin, later named Winter, is rescued but loses her tail. A dedicated marine biologist, a brilliant doctor and a devoted young boy bring about a miracle: a prosthetic tail to help Winter swim again.

NWF has developed a Dolphin Tale Activity Guide (pdf) that is full of ideas for helping dolphins and protecting ocean habitat. The guide is designed for kids to use at home with their families or at school.

Charles Martin Smith directed the film, which was shot on location at Clearwater Marine Aquarium, where the real Winder -- who plays herself in the movie -- makes her home. 

Dolphin Tale beautifully portrays the value of wildlife in a modern world. We hope the film and the true story of Winter will inspire people of all ages to learn more about these amazing marine mammals, and use the online resources we’ve created to realize how they can help dolphins and our oceans," said Carey Stanton, National Wildlife Federation senior director for education.

NWF is also asking children and their families to help protect dolphins and play an important role in wildlife conservation with symbolic adoptions of the species featured in the film. These adoptions help NWF in its efforts to protect species, restore wildlife habitat and connect people to nature.

Did You Know?

  • There are 30 kinds of dolphins in the world found in all oceans and in a few rivers. Winter is a bottlenose dolphin from the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The smallest dolphin is about the length of a person, the largest is longer than a mid-size car
  • Bottlenose dolphins can live to be 40 years old. Winter was just a baby when she was rescued.
  • Dolphins live in pods.  Pod members work together to protect each other from predators such as sharks. Moms form a safe "playpen" by swimming together with the babies in the middle.
  • Dolphins can dive down to 800 feet because they store oxygen in the lungs and muscles.
  • Dolphins are among the most intelligent animals in the world.  Only chimpanzees and humans are ranked higher on the list of smart animals.

“Warner Bros. is pleased to partner with the National Wildlife Federation and admires its efforts to inspire families to protect wildlife," said Nicole Sedita, Warner Bros. Vice President for National Promotions. "Dolphin Tale is a film that showcases the bonds between people and wildlife. We believe it will inspire kids to think about how they can help dolphins and ocean habitats."

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