White House Eliminated Green Education Programs in Advance of Today’s Environmental Education Summit

Cuts drastically reduce or eliminate capacity of programs at EPA, NOAA, NSF

04-16-2012 // Max Greenberg
White house

After eliminating environmental and climate change education grant programs at EPA and NOAA and drastically cutting back at the National Science Foundation in its Fiscal Year 2013 budget request to Congress, the White House will host a summit meeting on the future of environmental education today. Unfortunately, this historic event comes in the wake of historic budget cuts.

These reductions would eliminate already woefully underfunded grant programs for child-serving organizations, schools, nature centers, zoos, aquariums and teacher training programs in nearly every community.

National Wildlife Federation’s Vice President for Education and Training Kevin Coyle said:

“This summit is a terrific public gesture, but the Administration cannot hide that hundreds of communities across America are now left with no fiscal commitment from the White House to invest in environmental education programs and teacher training.

“We will never realize the President’s vision of creating a clean energy economy and a more sustainable world if we turn our backs on these educational programs. They are fundamental to preparing students to be competitive and innovative in the global marketplace and address complex challenges like global warming, and we sincerely hope the Administration will reconsider its direction for Fiscal Year 2014.”

The cuts effectively eliminate the National Environmental Education Act programs at EPA, including its teacher training and environmental education grants programs; cut legislative support for the National Environmental Education Foundation; cut NOAA’s environmental literacy grants programs for oceans and coastal areas; and cut NSF’s climate change education program by more than 90 percent.

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