President Expected to Call for Action on Global Warming

Statement by Larry Schweiger, President & CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, on the State of the Union Address

01-28-2008 // Jeremy Symons

Statement by Larry Schweiger
President & CEO, National Wildlife Federation
On the State of the Union Address

WASHINGTON, DC -- "I welcome President Bush's call for action on global warming. While the White House stance on global warming has thawed, the real test of his commitment to advance U.S. leadership is to work with Congress to pass the bipartisan Climate Security Act.

"Unfortunately, the president's plan outlined tonight offers old approaches instead of bold solutions.

"Congress should act quickly to pass the bipartisan Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act to energize America's economy and reduce global warming pollution. Doing nothing on global warming is a recipe for economic failure. We need to reject the defeatist attitude of those who say that protecting our environment will harm our economy.

"In the fight against global warming, the science is clear: the path to avoid catastrophic climate change starts with mandatory limits on global warming pollution that create bold new opportunities for clean energy jobs and technologies. A voluntary approach adds up to lots of rhetoric and little actual change.

"We have a moral responsibility to work together on global solutions that protect our children's future."

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January 28, 2008

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