National Wildlife Federation Praises Passage of Clean Energy Tax Credits

Senators should not take their eye off the prize: strong climate legislation

04-15-2008 // Miles Grant

WASHINGTON, DC -- The Senate Thursday voted 88 to 8 to attach the Cantwell-Ensign Clean Energy Tax Stimulus Act (S.2821) to a housing bill. The Cantwell-Ensign provisions would provide short-term extensions of key renewable energy tax incentives currently in danger of expiring at the end of 2008, including the Production Tax Credit and Investment Tax Credit. The housing legislation will move to the House, which has consistently supported extension of the clean energy tax incentives.

Jeremy Symons, executive director of the National Wildlife Federation's global warming campaign, said today:

"The Senate-passed extension of clean energy tax credits will help head off the looming disruption in federal incentives for clean energy. Extending these federal tax incentives for consumer purchases of energy efficient products and energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies will sustain jobs in the wind and solar industries and promote billions of dollars of clean energy investment that will help steer America toward a cleaner energy future."

"While the Senate should be praised for this vote, senators must not take their eye off the prize: strong climate legislation that provides consistent, long-term incentives for clean energy investments throughout the economy. The National Wildlife Federation supports the efforts of Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) to strengthen and pass the Climate Security Act (S. 2191)."


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